Frequently Asked Questions Question: What is this system used for?
  • Answer: The Timesheet and Payment System (TAPS) to used to post payroll for Casual and Overload employees. Employees can be paid on an hourly or semi-monthly basis depending on their employment data in PeopleSoft. As of now, you can only create Total Hours and Gross Payments in the system. Hourly Timesheets has not been release to the system yet.
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Question: Who has access to this system?
  • Answer: Mainly Business Office Staff has access to this system. Technically, Supervisors also have access to the system. However, because only Total Hours and Gross Payments are available at this time, and supervisors don't usually create these types of payments, their involvement isn't typical until Hourly Timesheets are released to the system.
    Business Office access is maintained in the Profiler system @ Lead Fiscal Officers are able to manage Timesheet Approver access for their FO Code via the "Fiscal Officer Groups and Group Members" section within Profiler.
    If you wish to gain Business Office approval access, please contact your Lead FO. If you don't know who your Lead FO is, please send an email to
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Question: I made a mistake on a payment that is already submitted. What can I do to correct it?
  • Answer: As long as it is before the Business Office Due Date, you may request for the payment to be returned to you for edit.
    To cut-down on the number of requests, we ask that you first SAVE the payment and REVIEW, before submitting the payment to payroll.
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Question: I am trying to create a payment for someone, but can't find the person in the selection box on the create page. What can I do?
  • Answer: The position needs to be in PeopleSoft before it is available in TAPS. Ensure that a Form 6 has been "Sent to Payroll" in order for the approved transaction to be sent to TAPS (Exception: The initial load from SCOPIS won't have Form 6 documents created, but the transactions were approved). The deadline for pressing the "Send to Payroll button" is 6pm daily in order for the PeopleSoft record to be created in TAPS. Ensure that the effective date of the appointment has occurred; future dated appointments will not be found in TAPS until the date has occurred. Ensure that the account code entered is consistent with the appropriate Fiscal Officer Code.
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Question: I am trying to create a payment for someone, but can't find the pay period for the person on the create page. What can I do?
  • Answer: Check the person's appointment period in PeopleSoft. Only payments within the position's appointment period can be made. Also, if a payment has already been created for a given work period, that work period is no longer available for creation. To check if a payment for a given work period has already been created, use the "Search" feature to see if the payment exists. Additionally, if the effective date of the PeopleSoft record is different from the appointment period from date, the effective date is used for the TAPS appointment period from date rather than the actual PeopleSoft appointment from date.
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Question: How can I reconcile the payments for this pay period?
  • Answer: The "Search" feature can be useful for various things.
    Prior to the Business Office due date, you may verify all the payments that will be processed by changing the Timesheet Status to "P - Pending Payment". The search results also display the total number of records, the total gross amounts, and the total hours to assist in your reconciliation.
    After the Business Office due date, if you wish to see all payments for a given pay cycle, simply change the "Pay Date" field to the desired value.
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Question: Is there a way that I can see all payments that are pending my action?
  • Answer: On the Main Menu, under "Supervisor / Approving Authority", there is a link "Pending My Submission". Next to it is the number of payments that you have created, but not submitted yet. The "Pending My Approval As Business Office" link will give you a list of payments that you can approve.

    Also, by using the Search feature, you are able to view all documents that are currently pending some action by you, or that you have access to act on. By changing the "Payment Status" to "N - Pending Submission" you will be able to see all payment that you have not yet submitted.
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Question: There was a change in an employee's information in PeopleSoft. When will that take effect in TAPS?
  • Answer: In TAPS, the change will take effect the following day. If the change is a pay rate change, then you should wait until the following day to enter the payment. If the change is a account code change, you can override the account code within TAPS if you don't want to wait until the next day. Other data like name, address, FICA code, and position title doesn't affect the TAPS payment so there is no need to wait.
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Question: How do I change the accounts charged for the payment, or change the account distribution?
  • Answer: Click on the checkbox labeled "Override default account distributions." A new section will appear where you can enter in the new account(s) or change the distribution.
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Question: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?