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*** Note: Employee Timesheets is currently only available to Hourly Casual and Overload employees.

  • Enter your UH username and password

  • If this is your first time setting up your security questions, please see here for instructions.
  • Otherwise, answer security question to login.
  • If you wish to update your security questions or login image, select the checkbox labeled "Edit security questions / image after login?"

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  • Click on the radio button next to the position you wish to create the timesheet for.
  • You may wish to expand or collapse the position details by clicking .
  • You may wish to select a previous appointment for which to create the timesheet for. Expand the list of previous appointments using and select the appropriate appointment.
  • Click the "Create [work period] Timesheet" button to start a NEW timesheet for the current pay period.
  • Click the "Continue Timesheet" if you have already started a timesheet and wish to EDIT it.
  • Click the "Create for Past Period" if you wish to create a new timesheet for a previous pay period.

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  • Scroll down to the DAILY WORK HOURS section to input hours worked.
    • Click a date from the left column to input your work hours for that date.

  • Clicking on a date will allow input of the daily start and stop times:
    • You may add a comment for this date. (optional)
    • Enter the start time and end time for each interval worked.
      If you are required to clock-out during a break, enter additional start and end times.
    • Important: You need to click on the "Save" button on the bottom of the timesheet in order to save any data that has been entered.

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  • Scroll down to the TIMESHEET SUMMARY section.
    • This section simply shows the totals for this CURRENT pay period and the GRAND TOTAL will include any RECONCILED hours to a historical timesheet(s) plus the totals from any LATE approved timesheets being submitted in this pay period.
    • The HISTORICAL TIMESHEETS (RECONCILED & LATE) section will only appear if your Supervisor or Business Office staff has used this timesheet to adjust a historical timesheet. You may not edit this section
    • After all of the work hours are entered for the pay period, you may submit the timesheet for approval by your supervisor by clicking the "Submit" button.
    • If you aren't ready to submit the timesheet, but wish to save/update the timesheet comments and/or daily work hours, you can click the "Save" button.
    • You may delete the timesheet if you haven't submitted it yet, or if it was returned to you by either your Supervisor or Business Office staff.

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  • Click on SEARCH link on the top right corner from anywhere in the application
  • Select any filters you wish to search by and click the "Search" button.

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