UH System Course Transfer Database
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The Course Transfer Database website contains a searchable database of course equivalencies/evaluations for UH campuses, as well as other colleges and universities.

The evaluation of courses on this site is a guide, and transferability of any given course is not guaranteed until an official transfer credit evaluation is completed. Specific course equivalencies require review based upon the unique characteristics of each college and university, and may differ from one institution to another. Be sure to contact an academic advisor as the database is regularly updated and subject to change.

There are two searches available:

List Mode search
This search is useful if you would like to see how a course transfers, either between UH campuses or from other colleges and universities.

Explore Mode search
This search is useful if you know there's a certain course at UH campus that you need to take, and you'd like to see equivalents for that course at other campuses. For example, you might be required to take MATH 100 at UH Mānoa, but you'd like to see if there are any courses at UH Maui College which you could take instead, while still fulfilling your requirement for MATH 100 at UH Mānoa.