UH System Course Transfer Database
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Windward Community College

A universal course alpha is assigned when there is no direct equivalence to a WCC course, but still fulfills the core area. For example, KCC’s FAMR 230 is not taught at WCC, but it will fulfill WCC’s social science area. Using the new codes, it will transfer to WCC as AADS, fulfilling the social science requirement.

 Core Fall 2002 - Spring 2005
Written CommunicationACOM
Mathematical or Logical ReasoningAQLR
World CivilizationAHIS
Oral CommunicationAASP
Arts & Humanities
     Group 1: The ArtsAHM1
     Group 2: History & CultureAHM2
     Group 3: Languages, Linguistic, & LiteratureAHM3
     Group 4: Values & MeaningAHM4
Natural Sciences
     Group 1: Biological ScienceNS1
     Group 2: Physical ScienceNS2
     Group 3: Other ScienceNS3
Natural Science LabNSL
Social ScienceAASO
 Core Effective Fall 2005
Foundation Courses
Written CommunicationAAFW
Symbolic ReasoningAAFS
Global & Multicultural PerspectivesAAFG
Oral CommunicationAAFO
Diversification Courses
Arts & Humanities
Natural Sciences
     Biological ScienceAADB
     Physical ScienceAADP
     Natural Science LabAADY
Social ScienceAADS