University of Hawai'i System Course Transfer Information System

What is this site?

This site presents a snapshot of the current state of the "rules" by which course credits may be transferred between and into the campuses of the University of Hawai`i.

The site was designed to answer two different sorts of questions. First, if you have already taken (or plan to take) a given course you may wish to know how, if at all, credit for that course will transfer to some campus within the University system. You may have taken the course at a UH campus, or at some other university or college outside the UH system. This site can answer this sort of question by providing a list of courses which transfer between two schools.

Second, there may be some course within the UH system which you need or wish to take, but you would like to know if there are other campuses offering an equivalent course. Perhaps you are a student at UH Mānoa and are curious about the possibility of taking a given course at a community college. You can use this site to find all courses offered within the UH system which will transfer credit as that particular course. When you use this site to answer this sort of question, you may be said to be exploring your options with respect to some course.

These two questions correspond to the two "modes" of using the site, and to your choice of which of the two links to follow from the site home page. If you are looking for a list of courses which transfer between any two schools, you will choose the list mode link. If you have a particular course in mind, and are looking to explore your options, you will choose the explore mode link.

How current is the information on this site?

This site works by connecting to the database of course transfer rules used by UH administrators. Under normal circumstances, any changes made by administrators will be visible in this site within 24 hours.

So, that means that if I see a rule here, it must be correct, right?

No, not really. While every effort has been taken to make the information provided by this site reliable, you should not rely on this site alone in planning your schedule. Administrators may be contemplating changes to transfer rules, and any such changes will not appear in this site until fairly late in the process. Also, it is an unfortunate fact that the program underlying this site itself may make mistakes. This site is provided in an attempt to get current information to students, but should not be used as a replacement for your academic guidance counselor. Use this site to help plan, but always confirm those plans with a counselor.

What do all these strange acronyms mean?

In some cases a course at one school will correspond to a particular course at another school. However, in many cases there is no precise corresponding course at the "accepting" school. Even so, in such cases the accepting school may agree to give general or elective credits for the course. In such a case, the corresponding course at the accepting school will appear with an acronym or abbreviation such as ELEC.

Unfortunately, the 10 campuses of the University of Hawai`i system do not share a common scheme for these acronyms. In general, the acronyms refer to a part of the general education requirements of the accepting campus. Some campuses have provided glossaries for their acronyms and abbreviations. In other cases, you should contact an advisor at the campus in question for an explanation of the terms.