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Bioethics Law (Law 532)

Course Overview


This course provides a basic foundation for the study of bioethics, healthcare and the law.  The term “bioethics” is used generally to describe ethical issues in the life sciences but can be expanded to include other concerns such as humanitarian law.  The professional fields that deal with bioethical issues in this expanded sense include medicine, nursing, law (including to some extent, international law), sociology, philosophy, and theology. Subjects to be covered in this course include: An introduction to the Study of Bioethics; Human Reproduction and Birth; Legal, Social and Ethical Issues in Human Genetics; Defining Death, Life and Death Decisions; Regulation of Research Involving Human Subjects; Distributive Justice and the Allocation of Health Care Resources—the Example of Human Organ Transplantation; and Public Health and Bioterrorism.


Course Objectives


The objectives of this course are to provide you with a basic understanding of the relationships between bioethics, healthcare, scientific experimentation and the law and to provide you information about selected principles of bioethics and significant issues or unsettled matters in bioethics.  Active participation should also help you develop and improve your analytical skills including understanding, issue spotting, problem solving, and judgment using the subject of bioethics as a catalyst.


Text: Bioethics: Health Care Law and Ethics, Fifth Edition, Furrow, Greany, Johnson, Jost and Schwartz, West 2004.


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