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Typically a constituency shall consist of the faculty in a school or college, but other groupings are permitted.                 

Each constituency shall be entitled to one senator in the Senate for every thirty members of the faculty as defined in Article 1, Section 2 and Article II, Section 2 or fraction thereof.
(MFS Bylaws; Article VI; Section 2(4)(a)-(b))

Senators are responsible for representing the interests of their constituents and are strongly encouraged to use the constituency listservs to keep their constituents apprised of relevant Senate actions



Congress & Senate meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Agendas that contain links to all supporting documents are distributed one week before each meeting via e-mail. Senators review the documents in advance of the meeting and attend the meeting to participate in discussion and vote on legislation.

Visit the 2016-17 Minutes, Agendas & Reports Archive for the latest Senate minutes & agendas.


Senators vote on legislation at Senate meetings using I-Clickers. Upon entering the MFS meeting, Senators will sign in using the sign-in sheets provided. The sign-in sheets will include a list of I-Clicker numbers next to each Senator’s name. After signing in, Senators pick up the I-Clicker that corresponds to the number by their name. There will be a demonstration at the beginning of each Senate meeting to show how to vote using the I-Clickers.




The normal term of office for a member of a Standing Committee is 27 months beginning on June 1. However, the Executive Committee may change which committee a Senator is appointed to as of June 1 in the middle of the senator's term of office as a senator, as the need arises.
(MFS Bylaws; Article VI; Section 1(c))


The incoming Executive Committee for the next academic year shall appoint members of the Standing Committees for the next academic year as soon as the incoming Executive Committee is organized, taking into consideration constituency representation, senator's preference, committee continuity and terms of office as specified in these Bylaws. The Committee on Faculty Service will assist in this by providing nominations and appropriate background information.
(MFS Bylaws; Article VI; Section 3)


Standing Committees meet regularly throughout the academic year - likely once or twice per month. The Senate Executive Committee Liaison to each standing committee will convene the committee’s first meeting towards the end of August. The last meeting will be at the end of April or early in May, yet membership extends through the summer when meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Committee Meetings

Committee Homepages

View a Structural Overview of Manoa Faculty Senate Committees.

Visit the Manoa Faculty Senate Calendar for a schedule of meetings & events.




Three unexcused absences from a meeting of the full Senate and/or of a standing committee will constitute a voluntary resignation from the Senate and the Senator’s Department Chair will be notified.
(Bylaws; Article I; Section 2)


Committee secretaries maintain attendance records in minutes and the Senate office updated attendance monthly. The Senate secretary will maintain records of Senate attendance based on sign-in sheets.

Get Excused

To be excused from a meeting, please contact your committee chair or Senate office at with a reason for the absence before the meeting.


Attendance records are posted online & are updated monthly by the Senate office.                

Visit the 2016-17 Attendance Records to ensure accurate recording of your attendance.

Visit the Manoa Faculty Senate Calendar for a schedule of meetings & events.




Standing Committees for the coming academic year shall select officers and notify the Senate Executive Committee of their selections preferably by June 15, but not later than September 15.
(Bylaws; Article VI; Section 3)


Committees elect officers, including Chairs, Vice Chairs and Secretaries depending on the Committee’s needs. Officers are typically elected at the first or second meeting and no later than September 15.