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Announcements; Executive Committee contacts; meeting schedule, minutes, & agendas; latest Senate actions.

Senate structure and functions; senator duties; process and procedures; consultation guide; website guide.

Charter, Bylaws & Rules of Order           
Archived record of Charter, Bylaws & Rules of Order.

Archive of Senate membership rosters.

  • Attendance
    Archive of attendance records, including committee attendance and the attendance policy.
  • Elections
    Archive of election results, including both Senate and Executive Committee elections; election schedules and procedures.

Archive of Senate & Manoa-wide committee records.

  • Senate Committees
    Archive of Senate committee membership lists. Most recent years contain individual pages for each committee with committee descriptions, meeting schedules, minutes links, membership rosters, attendance links, listserv addresses, issues current being considered by the committees, and relevant resources and forms including minutes, resolution and motion templates.
  • Other Committees
    Archive of Manoa-wide committees with Manoa Faculty Senate appointed representatives including a description of each committee, archived membership information, committee reports and administrator contacts and websites.

Archive of all issues under Senate consideration including a description of each issue, a record of all actions relevant to the issue, sources, committee assignments, status information, and links to all relevant legislation. An archive of closed issues is also available.

  • Research
    Archive of miscellaneous research, including all tasks assigned to our Senate Research Assistant.

Minutes, Agendas & Reports
Archive of Congress, Senate and Committee minutes, agendas and reports.

Archive of all documents since 1994 that the Senate has acted on or considered. Archive includes a description of each document, the date of introduction, subjects, committee assignments, and action/ vote records. Archive also includes links to individual document pages that include the final document itself, voting records, supporting documents and history records.

Archive of relevant links to Senate, Campus-Senate, Chancellor, UH System, Board of Regents, Hawaii State legislator, All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs and University of Hawaii Professional Assembly.

  • Campus Senates
    Archive with descriptions, links, governing documents and contact information for each Manoa department / college Senate.

News & Events
Archive of Senate news & events, event pages, RSVP forms, and the Senate Newsletter.

Google calendars for both Senate meetings & events and Hawaii Hall room reservations that are updated in real time.

Contact Us
Contacts include the Senate office, the Executive Committee, Senate and committee listservs, and Manoa Campus Senate chairs.

  • Submit Inquiry
    Use this form to submit inquiries to the Senate online.
  • Reserve Equipment
    Use this form to reserve Senate office equipment including 100 I-Clickers, a Polycom conference phone, and a projector.
  • Request Research
    Use this form to request a research task of our Senate Research Assistance on behalf of your committee.

This Google search feature enables you to search documents only within our website and allows you to search within specific categories of Manoa Faculty Senate documents.