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Manoa Faculty Senate Agenda October 18, 2006

3 p.m. Architecture

  1. Approval of Minutes September 20, 2006(draft)
  2. CAB: motion to approve joint sponsorship of Forum on Constitutional Amendment.
  3. CoA: motion to approve academic policy for athletics. Academic Policy for Athletics
  4. SEC: report on intent to form a Senate Task Force on Assessment.

    Charge: the Task Force will draft a charter for a Senate-authorized Council on Assessment which will be responsible for
    (1) reviewing (advising? setting policy on?) departments efforts to assess their programs,
    (2) review (advise? set policy?) on the assessment of general education,
    (3) supervise the implementation and evaluate the effectiveness of standardized instruments of assessment.

    The Task Force will need to consider what constituencies need to be represented on this Council and how their representatives will be chosen. It will also need to consider framing a statement of faculty rights and responsibilities in the area of program assessment.

  5. Chair's Report:
    JABSOM Dean Search (that we stuck to the policy outlined in October)
    Campus planning day

  6. Unstructured discussion until 4:30

  7. VCAFO Kathy Cutshaw will report on the Plan to Address Faculty Housing and Occupancy and Shortage see Faculty Housing Report 10/16/06 (pdf)

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