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Manoa Faculty Senate Agenda April 16, 2008

Fellow Senators,

The next Senate meeting is Wednesday April 16 at 3 PM in the Architecture Auditorium.  Here is the agenda.

1. Approval of Minutes of Mar 19, 2008

2. Chair's report

    A. Meeting with Chancellor Hinshaw and Vice-Chancellors on Shared Governance set for 4/23.

    B. Town Hall meeting 4/30 9 AM to give feedback to WASC CPR teams

3. CPM: Resolution on Dossier Simplification

4. CAPP: Certificate on Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance

5. CFS: Elections Update (Senate election results, SEC elections underway)

6. Senator Bev Keever: Resolution on Ensuring Transparency and Equity in Hiring Campus Leaders

7. New business

David Chin
Manoa Faculty Senate Chair

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