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Mānoa Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

April 20, 2011

Art Auditorium; 3:00-5:00 pm


I. Call to Order

II. Approval of March 16, 2011 Minutes

III. Chair's Report (WASC; Strategic Plan; Legislature)

IV. New Business

  1. SEC
    1. Motion to Approve Recommendation to Identify a Strategic Plan Coordinator and Appoint a Strategic Plan Committee: Pdf | Word
    2. Motion to Condemn the Process for Migration to G-mail: Pdf | Word
  2. CAB
    1. Resolution to Endorse Proposed Reorganization of the College of Natural Sciences: Pdf | Word
  3. CAPP
    1. Motion to Adopt and Transmit the New Grade Replacement Policy to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to be Implemented as Mānoa Academic Policy: Pdf | Word
    2. Resolution to approve Proposal for a Doctoral Degree in Professional Nursing Practice (DNP): Pdf | Word
    3. Motion on Accept Report on Mid-term Grade Reporting: Pdf | Word
  4. Working Group on Classroom Use Policy (CAPP/CAB)
    1. Motion to Accept the March 13, 2011 Joint CAB and CAPP Report and Recommendations on UHM General Classroom Use Policy and Forward the Motion and the Report to the Mānoa Administration and Department Chairs: Pdf | Word
  5. Working Group on Graduate Education (WGGE)
    1. Resolution to Approve the formation of CoRGE: Pdf | Word
  6. Working Group on High-Fail Courses (GEC/CAPP/MAC)
    1. Motion to Approve Summary Report and Recommendations of the Working Group on High Fail Courses: Pdf | Word
  7. COA
    1. Resolution to Endorse Recommendations of the Knight Commission Report: Pdf | Word
  8. COR
    1. Motion to Revise Faculty Classifications: Pdf | Word (information item)
      1. Summary Report
      2. Faculty Distribution Statistics (excel)

V.        Adjournment


Remaining Charges:

Tenatively Scheduled for May:

  1. Ad Hoc Budget Committee Report (WGGE)
  2. College and Unit Level RTRF Policies (CAB & COR)
  3. Issue of 9 v. 11 month and I v. R faculty (CPM & COR)
  4. NCAA Recertification (COA)
  5. Procedures to Deal with Centers (CAB & COR)
  6. Role of Athletics (COA)
  7. Student Athletic Fee (COA & CSA)
  8. Review of Marine Facilities at UHM (CAB & COR)
  9. Proposal to Change Bylaws to enstate CORGE as a standing committee (WGGE)
  10. Proposal to Change Bylaws to enstate MAC as a standing committee (MAC)