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Faculty Office Calendar: Hawaiʻi Hall 208

This calendar serves as the scheduling calendar for the Faculty Office, which is located in Hawaii‘i Hall 208, and contains all meeting and events that will be held in the faculty office.

Please see instructions below for reserving the Hawai'i Hall 208 conference room

Instructions for room reservation:

1. Check for room availability during the preferred meeting dates & times on the Hawai'i Hall 208 calendar above.

2. Contact the MFS office by email at UHMFS@hawaii.edu indicating the preferred meeting dates & times. All reservation requests will be time-stamped via e-mail and reservations will be made on a first come, first serve basis.

3. Once the meeting dates & times have been entered, a confirmation e-mail of the reservation will be sent to the person who made the request.

4. As a final step, please double-check the Hawai'i Hall 208 Room Reservation Calendar to make sure the correct dates & times have been reserved.