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Manoa-wide Committees

Tthe Manoa Faculty Senate is responsible for appointing faculty members to serve on various Manoa-wide committees, as delinated by the 2002 Senate Resolution on Faculty Represenation.

Please review the designations below to access information about each committee & current faculty volunteers, and to learn more about faculty service on Campus-wide committees.


  • The Manoa-wide Committee Archive lists campus committees with faculty Senate appointees. Use the Archive to access contact information, membership lists, appointment information, and links to official websites.

Report Form

  • The Report Form is an online report submission form for the campus committees. Each campus committee is responsible for submitting one committee report per semester to the Senate in order to keep the Senate apprised of the Committee's progress.

Volunteer Form

  • The Volunteer Form is an online form that Faculty can use to express their interest in serving on manoa-wide committees. Senate appointees to campus committees are drawn exclusively from this volunteer list.