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Senate Committees

Use this index to access descriptions, membership information, issues, and meeting schedules for Senate standing and permanent committees, as well as task forces, by academic year.

Please review the excerpts from our By-Laws provided below for information about committee designations.

Standing Committees

  • There shall be seven Standing Committees reporting to the Executive Committee: the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning, the Committee on Student Affairs, the Committee on Professional Matters, the Committee on Administration and Budget, the Committee on Faculty Service, the Committee on Athletics, and the Committee on Research and Graduate Education. (Manoa Faculty Senate By-Laws; Article IV; Section 1)

Permanent Committees

  • The Senate may establish other Permanent Committees reporting to the Senate.  For each such Committee the Senate will create a document specifying

    1. the purpose and responsibilities of the committee;
    2. how the Committee is constituted, organized, and governed;
    3. that at least one Senator shall be a member;
    4. how the document can be amended. (Manoa Faculty Senate By-Laws; Article IV; Section 3)

Task Forces & Ad-hoc Committees

  • The Executive Committee may establish ad-hoc committees and task forces to explore issues and make written recommendations to the Executive Committee. Ad-hoc committees and task forces shall be temporary and each shall be furnished a deadline for completion of the task assigned to it. Each such deadline shall be not more than one year after the committee or task force is officially created. Any member of the Congress is eligible to serve on an ad-hoc committee or task force. (Manoa Faculty Senate By-Laws; Article IV; Section 2)


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