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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on March 16, 2005

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Resolution on Prerequisites

Whereas a course's official prerequisites are designed to ensure that all students enrolled in a course are genuinely prepared for that course; and

Whereas prerequisites are also used externally in the evaluation of a course's suitability for a program or major, and in the evaluation of the program or major itself; and

Whereas the current system permits retroactive enforcement of prerequisites at graduation, at which time it will not help the course or program and might hurt the student; and

Whereas the Banner system does not currently enforce course prerequisites; therefore


(1) Departments are encouraged to adopt and maintain course prerequisites which are adequate, appropriate, and up-to-date;

(2) Enforcement of prerequisites through Banner should be implemented as quickly as possible;

(3) Until such time as Banner enforces prerequisites, departments and faculty are encouraged to monitor and enforce prerequisites for their own courses; and

(4) Waiver of prerequisites, which may be done at the discretion of the course instructor, should be done only when there is clear evidence that the student is prepared for the course.