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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on April 20, 2005
24 in support; 12 against

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Resolution on Proposed Degree in Ethnobotany

1) Whereas in 2002 the Botany department proposed a Bachelor of Science degree in Ethnobotany; and

2) Whereas the current University resources appear adequate for the program as proposed; and

3) Whereas the popularity of course offerings in ethnobotany at UH indicates a demand for such a program; and

4) Whereas the proposed curriculum looks suitable for an undergraduate degree; and

5) Whereas there is not currently a standard at the campus level delineating the distinction between the BS and BA degrees; and

6) Whereas the program has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary work in areas outside of science; and

7) Whereas few of the upper-division courses required for the degree have science prerequisites; and

8) Whereas the Botany department describes its current BS degree as "designed for those students who plan a career in science...especially those intending to do graduate studies;" and

9) Whereas there are currently no avenues for graduate work in ethnobotany that are not also available to students with more traditional majors; and

10) Whereas even the Botany department does not accept Botany 105 (Ethnobotany) as part of their BS program; and

11) Whereas CAPP has not seen sufficient evidence of benefit to the University or to students of calling the degree a BS instead of a BA; therefore,


The proposed bachelor's degree in Ethnobotany be approved, but as a Bachelor of Arts rather than a Bachelor of Science degree.