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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on August 31, 2005
53 in support

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Resolution Regarding Proposed Changes to Board of Regents Policy 5-19

Whereas research is a vital component of the University of Hawaii at Manoa mission, and

Whereas extramurally-funded research projects provide critical resources for the conduct of research that also benefit the educational and service components of UHM's mission, and

Whereas competition for federal research funding is at an all-time intensity and not expected to improve for at least several years, according to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, and

Whereas the success of individual faculty and their research projects, as well as the viability of the UHM research enterprise, depend critically on the involvement of highly qualified and dedicated research staff, and

Whereas the most critical elements in recruiting and retaining the most qualified research staff are high flexibility in describing position requirements, the abilities to offer competitive salaries and benefits, to recruit quickly, to reward highly productive personnel, and to have policies and procedures that allow P.I.s to manage personnel across multiple grants and contracts, and to maintain employee safety and healthy working environment while recognizing the extraordinary demands that research often places on personnel, and

Whereas the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii has provided very high quality personnel support services, and

Whereas the UH Office of Human Resources continues to have problems providing acceptable support for research personnel, and

Whereas the UH compensation and benefits packages are generally not competitive with those offered by RCUH, and

Whereas the Board of Regents approved in September 2004 a policy regarding employment of research staff through RCUH, that was developed with faculty input, and

Whereas the University of Hawaii System administration has now proposed new policies regarding employment of research support personnel through RCUH that, if implemented, will seriously impede hiring and retention of the best research staff (see attached), and

Whereas the employment of hundreds of dedicated RCUH employees would be arbitrarily terminated under the proposed policy, and

Whereas the successful completion of current grants would be compromised and future proposals for new grants would jeopardized by the proposed changes,

Therefore, the Manoa Faculty Senate strongly urges the Board of Regents to disapprove the proposed revision to BoR Policy 5-19 and its corresponding Proposed Executive Policy E.5218 and instead to require the full and immediate implementation of the September 2004 policy.