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Deferred by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on December 7, 2005
to Committee on Professional Matters

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Resolution on Freedom to Do Research

Whereas academic freedom is one of the core values of American universities and,

Whereas meaningful pursuit of knowledge requires unfettered expression, discussion and testing of ideas, and

Whereas, faculty members must be free from the corrosive fear that others, inside or outside the university, may threaten their professional endeavors because their views may differ, and

Whereas, academic freedom has been under assault through recent attempts to limit teaching in areas such as Islamic, gender, evolutionary studies and environmental law, and to limit research in areas such as stem cell, gender, genetics, climate change and epidemiological studies, therefore,

The Senate affirms the freedom of individual professors, researchers and staff of the University of Hawai'i to conduct research within the limits of law and the stated policies of the Board of Regents.