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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on January 18, 2006

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Resolution on Call for New Proposals Regarding Faculty Housing

WHEREAS, affordable housing is critical to the recruitment and retention of UHM faculty; and

WHEREAS, the University's existing faculty housing developments--Wa'ahila, Kau'iokahaloa Nui, and Kau'iokahaloa Iki--have successfully provided transitional housing to faculty members, thereby enhancing recruitment and retention efforts and generally bolstering faculty morale; and

WHEREAS, increased hiring of faculty and staff has consequently increased demand for this housing; and

WHEREAS, 'Oahu's median home prices and rents continue to soar, while faculty salaries lag compared to peer institutions, making it impossible for many current residents of faculty housing to relocate to long-term housing without leaving the University; and

WHEREAS, in recent years UH Mànoa has suspended faculty mortgage assistance programs, without making any alternatives available; and

WHEREAS, research universities in similarly high-priced real estate markets have developed a variety of programs to make both transitional and long-term housing available and affordable for faculty members; therefore be it


  1. (1) That the Manoa Faculty Senate calls upon the Chancellor to issue recommendations for new initiatives on faculty housing; and
  2. (2) That these recommendations include proposals to increase the overall number of units available for faculty housing; and
  3. (3) That these recommendations include proposals for faculty housing that is long-term, not simply transitional in intent; and
  4. (4) That there be no management policies enacted to make transitional housing quickly available by relying on evictions of faculty currently living in the Wa'ahila, Kau'iokahaloa Nui, and Kau'iokahaloa Iki developments, or rental increases beyond what is necessary to sustain the financial solvency of the units; and
  5. (5) That any committees on faculty housing issues chartered by the administration include reasonable formal representation by the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Tenants Housing Association.