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Presented to the Mānoa Faculty Senate on April 19, 2006
25 in support; 3 against

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Resolution to Establish A Graduate Certificate in Policy Studies In the Social Sciences Public Policy Center College of Social Sciences

WHEREAS the mission of the Social Sciences Public Policy Center is to "enhance the quality of community life throughout Hawai'i, the United States and the Asian Pacific region by educating professionals for careers in public life, conducting non-partisan policy research and promoting civic engagement on issues of local, national and international significance;" and

WHEREAS the objectives of a graduate Certificate in Policy Studies are to develop professionals with the skills, analytical perspectives and substantive knowledge to better evaluate and respond to contemporary public policy issues; to acquire and apply appropriate skills and technologies to problems; and to communicate persuasively in speech and writing; and

WHEREAS the 16- credit Certificate in Policy Studies is interdisciplinary, can be tailored to individual needs and interests, builds upon a core of required courses, includes a community or field based internship, and culminates in an integrative seminar before graduation; and

WHEREAS this certificate program is potentially beneficial to students in any academic discipline, it is especially relevant to graduate students in political science, sociology, urban and regional planning, social work, geography and public administration in training future leaders to apply skills and perspectives of the social and management sciences to analyzing and solving public sector problems; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the UHM Faculty Senate recommend approval of the graduate Certificate in Policy Studies in the Social Sciences Public Policy Center.