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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on May 3, 2006

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Resolution Supporting the Development of Enrollment Management

Whereas, Manoa wishes to attract, recruit, retain, and graduate high-achieving and well-qualified resident and non-resident undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds, and

Whereas, Currently Manoa ranks poorly in retention and graduation rates; and

Whereas, To improve the quality of education it provides, Manoa must establish clear goals for the number and types of students needed to fulfill the institutional mission and identify and enable the delivery of effective academic programs, and

Whereas, An external evaluation recently recommended development of enrollment management capacity under the Chancellor's office, noting there is currently no single office responsible for it; and

Whereas, Large annual tuition increases (approved by the Board of Regents beginning Fall 2006 and continuing for six years) and major changes in financial assistance policy required by the BOR and System will present major enrollment challenges at Manoa, and

Whereas an effective enrollment management program would allow Manoa to create a data-rich environment to inform decisions and evaluate strategies to determine, achieve, and maintain optimum enrollment, generate added net revenue for the institution, enable effective financial planning, and increase process and organizational efficiency.

be it therefore Resolved

That the Senate supports the development of comprehensive enrollment management strategies within the Manoa Chancellor's office, and

That the Senate wishes to participate in enrollment management decisions through relevant committees such as CSA, CAB, and CAPP; and

That the Senate recommends that aspects of enrollment management currently controlled by the System, such as financial assistance planning, be assigned to the Chancellor; and

The Senate requests the Chancellor report to the Senate the progress on developing enrollment management capacity, functions, and strategies to the Faculty Senate within one year.