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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on May 3, 2006
1 opposed

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Resolution on Identity Theft

WHEREAS, the crime of identity theft has become a serious problem affecting over 3.5 million people in the United States, and

WHEREAS, the theft of an individual's social security number affords identity thieves easy access to the victim's financial and personal information, and

WHEREAS, a UHM employee's social security number is important, necessary and pertinent information to personnel administrators, and

WHEREAS, the administration of UHM has the responsibility to protect their employees' social security numbers and personal information to prevent theft of this sensitive material, therefore be it

RESOLVED, the Manoa Faculty Senate strongly urges the appropriate administrators to implement the following:

  1. Social security numbers should not be required on forms not directly related to wages and compensation.
  2. Documents with employees' social security numbers must be hand carried to its final destination, not sent through the campus mail service.
  3. Documents with employees' social security numbers must be secured in a locked receptacle for storage when not in use.
  4. Documents with employees' social security numbers must be properly destroyed after their use.
  5. Social Security numbers and personal information on computers must be password protected and not stored on any portable device.