Whereas the UARC  is intended to improve “systems performance of Department of Defense weapons” according to Ronald M. Sega, Director of Defense Research and Engineering in a July 8, 2004 memo; and


Whereas the UARC is very bad business for the UH, requiring 6 to 8 million dollars in start-up funds from the UH with no guarantee that the UARC will last beyond the initial 5 years, a period during which UH researchers and students working at the UARC are prohibited from applying for certain other kinds of grants, thereby further limiting  access to both public and private; and


Whereas clandestine negotiations to develop the UARC have been going on for over a year with no opportunity for faculty, student and community input; and


Whereas a certain portion of the research at the UARC is classified meaning that researchers cannot discuss it or disseminate their findings in papers and publications; and


Whereas all universities maintain that the highest priority for their faculty is the right to publish their work as they see fit; and


Whereas the Board of Regents gave provisional approval to the UARC with the stipulation that “Full consultation is to take place: and


Whereas those consultations have not occurred; and


Wheras the UH plans to sign a contract with the US Navy to create the UARC in the second quarter of 2005 without appropriate and full consultations; and


Whereas a proposed site for UARC activities is adjacent to Noelani Elementary School, a location that is totally inappropriate for conducting military research; and


Whereas Native Hawaiian groups deeply resent the increasing militarization and desecration of their lands; and


Whereas no Kanaka Ma-‘oli were consulted on the development of the UARC and the placing of the UARC in the community; and


Whereas residents of the area where the UH hopes to place the UARC have never even been informed let alone consulted; and


Whereas there has been no apparent thought put into the ethical and moral of institutionalizing classified military research and weapons development at the UH; and


Whereas, the UH considers the UARC to be so unethical that it will not permit the UARC on UH lands; and


Whereas the UH plans to foist off the UARC onto the community, thereby ignoring the rights of the community to make such decisions for itself; and


Whereas the UH was complicit in developing Agent Orange for use in the Vietnam war resulting in massive permanent damage to the environment, human beings in Viet Nam, the researchers who worked on it, leaving several sites in Hawai’i still contaminated and confirmed as the cause of death to at least three University of Hawai’i workers; and


Whereas Hawai’i has a long history of militarism and secret research, including the testing of sarin gas in the rainforests of Puna, unleashing untold contaminants on the people and environment of Hawai’i island; and


Whereas work on the UARC will severely decrease faculty rights to academic freedom and autonomy and limit the ability of faculty and students who work in the UARC to share innovations with colleagues and the world; and


Whereas even apparently innocuous military research such as research on sonar has had devastating effects on the environment including the beaching and death of numerous marine mammals; and


Whereas, especially in the Pacific region, where tests of nuclear weapons of unparalleled yield have created enormous long term human and environmental problems, unwarranted secrecy has frequently been used by the U.S. government to avoid negative publicity and to reduce risks of legal liability rather than for genuine national security reasons; and


Whereas under the Navy UARC contract only seven University of Hawai’i administrators will decide about what secret research projects can be conducted both on and off campus; and


Whereas these seven administrators are not researchers and are all men thereby removing faculty, women, Native Hawaiians, and all community members of all ethnic, religious and cultural persuasions from oversight of secret military research; and


Whereas, according to University of Hawai’i policies that would govern the UARC,  even the University of Hawai’i Board of Regents members, “shall not require, nor shall have and can be effectively denied, access to classified information in possession of the University. They do not occupy positions that would enable them to affect adversely the University’s policies or practices in the performance of classified contracts from the Department of Defense.” Since representative oversight and accountability would not be allowed, local control will be eliminated over secret military activities occurring in secret enclaves in our islands; and


Whereas over 55% of the land now occupied by the military in Hawai’i is ceded land, land that rightfully belongs to the Hawaiian people; and


Whereas the University of Hawai’i is located on the Crown and Government lands of the formerly independent nation of Hawai’i; and


Whereas the use of these lands shall be for the public benefit and the welfare of Native Hawaiians, in accordance with Section 5 of the Constitution of the State of Hawai’i; and


Whereas classified military research contradicts the official values of the University of Hawai’ as a “Hawaiian place of learning”; and


Whereas the University of Hawai’i Manoa Faculty Senate, citing “insuperable obstacles” has passed a resolution opposing the development of more classified research that does not allow faculty to publish the results in a timely fashion;



THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the House and Senate of the State of Hawai’i urges the University of Hawai’i to completely abandon plans for all UARC activities and to develop a policy for the state’s public university that completely prohibits any classified or other forms of military research that will involve weapons or other systems that will be harmful to humans, the environment or any other living creatures.