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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on November 15, 2006
49 in support

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Whereas plans to build a new four-year campus to be known as University of Hawaii West Oahu (UHWO) in the Ewa district are proceeding;

Whereas there are recognized unmet needs for higher education on Oahu;

Whereas the University of Hawaii has selected a development partner to purchase approximately 287 acres within the 500 acre property designated for the development of UHWO located of the future North-South road;

Whereas plans call for the creation of a 7,600 student campus with 1,040 faculty and staff;

Whereas the development plans include a University Village, mixed use parcels, student housing, and other extensive infrastructure;

Whereas a Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been issued;

Whereas the need for a new West Oahu campus has not been sufficiently determined;

Whereas the present UHWO campus has an enrollment of approximately 850 students;

Whereas the proposed new campus calls for almost a tenfold increase in the number of students;

Whereas an analysis of where the future UHWO students will come from has not been disclosed;

Whereas information regarding the capital and operating costs of this project have not been disclosed;

Whereas an analysis of the impacts of the new proposed UHWO campus on both the University of Hawaii at Manoa as well as other campuses in the system in terms of enrollments, majors, transfers, financial resources, and the higher education system in Hawaii, has not been made available;

Whereas other models for providing higher education to area such as branch campuses, distance learning centers, relocation of schools and colleges, and other approaches haven’t been sufficiently discussed;

Be it resolved that:

1. The Manoa Faculty Senate expresses deep concern over the lack of information, analysis, and public deliberation regarding the development of the UHWO campus;

2. The Manoa Faculty Senate urges the University of Hawaii System to provide written information within 30 days information on:
a. timetable for development of the UHWO campus,
b. enrollment figures for prospective students attending UHWO including an assessment of in-state versus out-of-state students, transfers from within the UH system by campus; and a breakdown by major as to expected enrollments;
c. projected enrollments for Hawaii high school students, by island and high school; as well as projected enrollments to each University of Hawaii campus by in-state and out-of-state status for the next 15 years;
d. estimated capital costs and annual operating and maintenance costs and expected sources of revenue for the UHWO campus;
e. the impact of the creation of the UHWO campus on University of Hawaii at Manoa and other campuses in the system, including the impacts on enrollments, transfers, finances, student aid, tuition, and higher education in Hawaii.

Be it further resolved that copies of this resolution be sent to the Governor, Legislature, Board of Regents, University of Hawaii President, University of Hawaii at Manoa Chancellor, the Faculty Senates of each campus, and other campus organizations.