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Presented to the Mānoa Faculty Senate on January 17, 2007
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Report by Vice Chancellor for Student, Francisco Hernandez
(Excerpt from January 17, 2007 Senate Minutes)

Hernandez noted his background, which includes 12 years at UC Berkeley as Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs, and 14 years at UC Santa Cruz as Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs. He finds his mission at Manoa clearly defined: To provide quality services to students as efficiently and effectively as possible. He has been here for five months, and has been looking, learning, and acting.
Among several assignments, the highest priority has been to improve the housing services. Groundbreaking for the new Frear Hall occurred in November 06 and the dorm is on tract to open Fall 08. Hernandez has been attempting to fill vacant staff positions and some progress has been made but the operation is still understaffed.

The consolidation of student employment and career services is complete and the new office is on the second floor of the QLC. This opens the first floor space to Advising.

For the near future, Hernandez reported he would continue to work on personnel issues in Student Affairs and begin a 6-month strategic planning process, with the goal to create a 5-year plan that will strengthen linkages with the academic side of the house. Some of the activity he envisions will focus on turning ÒhousingÓ into Òresidential lifeÓ. He wants housing to support academics, with such features as language floors, group clustering for certain majors, and lectures within the housing facilities, for example. After Frear, he wants to focus on refurbishing old facilities.

Hernandez is interested in and experienced in developing linkages with high schools. He hopes to contribute to new articulation possibilities for local students.

Q & A:
Senator Skouge (Education) stated that he has a wheelchair-bound student in a class that ends at 7:00 pm and there have been issues about getting her back to her dorm after dark. She has a so-called accessible room, but the class went to study it, and found many deficiencies. What is being done in this respect? v Hernandez responded that the disability service office should be able to assist such students both logistically and academically. With respect to rooms for disabled students, he is also aware that just meeting federal codes is not always sufficient. He plans to improve existing ADA rooms and there will be more in the new Frear.

Senator Bangert (Shidler) asked if Student Affairs focuses on both undergraduate and graduate students? Hernandez stated his major focus is undergraduate, although many of the student services are available to students at all levels.

Senator Brown (History) asked about the campus center proposal. Hernandez noted the BOR had approved the request to borrow up to $28 million for the project. But, since the governor has not yet released $1 million in already allocated state funds to start the planning process, there is some delay. Pressure will be exerted to get those funds released so the project can move ahead. A very eager group of students want a 24-hour fitness facility.

Senator Crookes (LLL) asked about the priority of graduate students for housing, noting that his department had lost good students due to housing. Hernandez noted he is aware of this lack, and although there are no immediate plans for graduate student housing or family housing for students, they will be looking at the possibility of refitting Johnson or Noelani to accommodate students with families.