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Presented to the Mānoa Faculty Senate on January 17, 2007
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Report on the SEC/CAB meeting with Linda Johnsrud regarding West Oahu

Excerpt from January 17, 2007 Minutes
(CAB Chair Efird reporting)

Efird noted that there are plans for a beautiful campus, but many concerns: an iinadequate business plan, questionable model projections, the ultimate size of the student population is very unclear (from 2,000-8,000 in various documents), and no one has properly assessed the effect of the proposed rail system. There are many college-aged students in West Oahu, but little data on who is qualified to enter a college, suggesting to CAB that it may be better to focus on remedial education. The cost of a brick and mortar campus is high; it is clear that developers and politicians want it built, but there has been inadequate discussion of other options.

Chesney-Lind commented there are wildly different projections both on number of faculty and students. There is an odd arrangement with the developerÑno details can be made public because they are still negotiating. No needs assessment has been done. There are multi-billion dollar plans to bring students to Manoa by rail at the same time West OahuÕs classes will need to be filled. Does a tiny island with a major university really need another?

Senator Yuen asked if there is anything we can really do, as it appears tthe train has left the station.

Chair Tiles noted that we can try to feed the right questions to legislators; there are some indications the question may still be open. The ACCFSC has been helpful Ð community colleges, especially Leeward, are very concerned about the potential drain on their enrollments and finances.

Kent asked if we can encourage people to speak out.

M. Tiles noted the political difficulties for those reporting to the President.

Lampe noted that CAB can finalize a report to distribute to other senates.

Chair Tiles noted that he wanted to mention two other things prior to adjourning. First he noted there may be positive action on conditional tenure by the end of the year, according to Smatresk. Second, he noted that students need to better informed on privacy issues and how to opt out, giving the example of his student who was recently contacted by military recruiters on her cellphone.