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Approved by the Commttee on Academic Policy and Planning

Report presented to the Mānoa Faculty Senate on April 18, 2007

Supporting Documents

Proposal for an Undergraduate Certificate in Pidgin and Creole Studies

CAPP reviewed a proposal for an Undergraduate Certificate in Pidgin and Creole Studies. The proposal notes that Pidgin in Hawaii is spoken by approximately 600,000 people, and is a vital pat of the culture of the islands. Although linguists from Hawaii and other parts of the world have taken a keen interest in conducting research on the language, students at UHM have not had an opportunity to learn about it in a comprehensive way. The certificate will be established by the Department of Second Language Studies through the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature. The courses included in the certificate will provide a systematic and comprehensive program of study for students interested in Hawaii Creole English ("Pidgin") and other pidgin and Creole languages. The certificate aims to fill an important need, and to also complement the interdisciplinary approach of other programs such as those in Ethnic Studies, Hawaiian Studies or Pacific Island Studies. In reviewing the proposal, CAPP determined that there is no other related certificate, minor, or major program at UHM in this area. There is minimal course overlap with existing programs. Coordination will be carried out by the Director of the existing Charlene Sato Center for Pidgin, Creole and Dialect studies, thus eliminating need for additional resources. The program offers additional opportunities for UHM undergraduate students without requiring additional university resources. Thus, CAPP moves approval of the Undergraduate Certificate in Pidgin and Creole Studies.