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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on November 18, 2009
2 opposed

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Resolution Reaffirming Previous Senate Resolutions

Whereas shared University governance should be based on mutual respect, established process, and best-practices standards; and

Whereas decisions not made in accord with clear, accepted process and meaningful consultation will inevitably be met with fear, distrust, anger, and resistance, thus damaging internal morale and community support, and inducing institutional paralysis; and

Whereas attempts to short-circuit such process in the name of flexibility or urgency are therefore self-defeating; and

Whereas recent decisions at UH reflect lack of familiarity with established Board of Regents (BOR) and Manoa Faculty Senate (Senate) policy and practice, and/or appreciation that these processes and practices evolved through careful analysis, lengthy inclusive discussion, and consideration of both national academic standards and BOR policy; and

Whereas attempts to ignore and/or revise on an ad-hoc basis established policy and practice inhibits, rather than expedites, change; and

Whereas the Senate has passed several resolutions over the years reminding Administration of the principles outlined above; therefore

Be It Resolved that

(1) The Senate reiterates its support for the following resolutions, passed in previous sessions:

(a) Resolution on Faculty Involvement in Reorganization (1998) (Attachment 1)
(b) Consulting with the Manoa Faculty Senate (2003) (Attachment 2)
(c) Resolution on the use of faculty endorsement without faculty approval (2004)
(Attachment 3)
(d) Resolution on Required Procedures for Reorganization of a Unit (2008) (Attachment 4)
(e) Executive Search Process (For Ranks U and 15 – Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Dean or
Dean Equivalent) (2008) (Attachment 5); and

(2) The Senate respectfully requests that UH Administration carefully review established BOR
and Senate policy and these resolutions and give them due consideration as decisions relating to
curriculum, methods of instruction, research, faculty status, and other matters of campus concern
are being considered.
w/ Attachments