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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on December 2, 2009
3 opposed

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Statement on Enrollment Goals

Given that the state of Hawaii can only benefit by offering to a greater number of its citizens improved access to a quality public higher education, the Mānoa Faculty Senate, upon recommendation of its Committee on Student Affairs, supports the development of a UH-Mānoa enrollment plan that, without increasing faculty workloads, will

  • 1) enable and encourage more of Hawai`i's high school graduates to attend UH and UH-Mānoa in particular,
  • 2) address inequitable rates of educational attainment across Hawai`i's population,
  • 3) facilitate transfer between UH two and four-year educational institutions and
  • 4) improve overall retention and graduation rates at UH Mānoa.

In consideration of CAPP, CAB, and CSA endorsements of the “Enrollment Goals,” FS supports the overall stated goals of the undergraduate enrollment management plan, and requests that the administration continue to consult with the faculty and the university community in developing the detailed implementation strategies of the enrollment management plan, mindful of issues including workload, infrastructure, capacity, and ensuring that funds generated from the increased enrollment be used in a fiscally responsible way to support the core mission of the university.