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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on October 20, 2010

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Resolution to Approve a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pacific Island Studies

WHEREAS, the University of Hawai`i, Mānoa (UHM) has a long history of excellence in research and teaching activities concerning the Pacific Islands; and

WHEREAS, in 1950 UHM was the first institution of Higher Education to offer an interdisciplinary Master of Arts (MA) degree in Pacific Island Studies; and

WHEREAS, the MA in Pacific Island Studies is now offered through the Center for Pacific Island Studies within the School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS); and

WHEREAS, the Center, the only National Resource Center in Pacific Islands is both an academic department and a larger home for initiatives that bring together people and resources to promote informed understanding of Oceania and issues of concern to Pacific Islanders, and

WHEREAS, the Center is positioned to develop an undergraduate major in Pacific Island Studies that reflects the diversity of the region, the resources, international reputation for Pacific Islands research at UHM, and

WHEREAS, the well planned, reflective, geographically appropriate, and academically strong major in Pacific Island Studies will enhance the education capital of the State by providing graduates who understand and respond to the needs of a growing Pacific Islander population in the areas of justice, health care, social services and education; and

WHEREAS, the Pacific Island Studies major will have a positive impact, both direct and indirect, on underserved regions and populations, because it will attract students from the State, heritage students, and students from elsewhere who wish to study the Pacific; and

WHEREAS, the Pacific Island Studies major will not require in an increase in the number of Pacific Island related courses offered through the Center and the University nor will it require any additional faculty resources initially; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED The Manoa Faculty Senate approves the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pacific Island Studies