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Motion to approve the abolishment of PBRC failed on October 20, 2010
4 in favor, 48 opposed

Motion to not recommend approval of the abolishment of PBRC passed on October 20, 2010
47 in favor, 2 opposed

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[Pdf] (Resolution of October 20, 2010)

Resolution to Not Recommend Approval of the Proposal to Abolish the Pacific Biomedical Research Center

WHEREAS the Pacific Biomedical Research Center (PBRC) has served the University of Hawaii since 1962 and has a proud history and national and international reputation; and

WHEREAS PBRC helped incubate such important UH entities as the John A. Burns School of Medicine and the Cancer Research Center and is currently home to the Kewalo Marine Lab, Bekesy Laboratory of Neurobiology, and the Greenwood Molecular Biology Facility; and

WHEREAS PBRC faculty conduct research and service in areas, such as biodiversity, minority education, and sustainability, of interest to our campus, community and region; and

WHEREAS PBRC faculty and staff, along with the Senate, have asserted numerous process violations have occurred at various stages of the Proposal review process, and

WHEREAS PBRC has been without a permanent Director since 2000 and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education has served as Interim Director since late 2004, despite repeated objections to his continuing in the position, from PBRC and the Senate; and

WHEREAS the Proposal asserts that Manoa does not have the resources to rebuild PBRC to the level necessary to sustain it as an effective organized research unit; and

WHEREAS while the Manoa Administration supports abolishing PBRC because it claims doing so will save money by avoiding duplicate hires and will produce more efficient use of support staff, and the Administration has assured the Senate that the Kewalo Marine Laboratory is not part of the proposal to abolish PBRC; and

WHEREAS the Proposal asserts that PBRC faculty will be relocated to basic science departments of their choice, where they can continue to compete for research funds while strengthening those departments’ abilities to fulfill their mission of research and graduate student training; and

WHEREAS the Manoa administration has made a commitment that no current faculty will lose access to their research laboratories or the staff supported by their grants and no filled positions will be eliminated;

WHEREAS three (3) Senate committees reviewed the proposal to abolish PBRC and provided conflicting recommendations both in support of (2) and opposed to (1) the proposal;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate does not recommend approval of the proposal to abolish PBRC.