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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on December 8, 2010


60 Non-Intro Course Credit Requirement


Manoa counts any 200-level course with a specific pre-requisite (content based) as a non-introductory course. Whereas the Community Colleges (CCs) have classes ending in 100 as a pre-requisites for many courses. Therefore the CCs 200 level courses are non-intro by Manoa standards. When students transfer from the CCs the UHM Admissions and Records (A&R) Office must check each lower division course- this is time consuming for A&R and confusing for students.

Proposal to consider:

The Committee on Enrollment Planning suggests the 60 Non-intro course credit requirement be removed in favor of a 45 credit upper division credit requirement. CAPP formed a sub-committee member to review this issue.

It is clearer for the UHM Admissions and Records office to have 45 upper division credits as the requirement, so that they do not have to look up the pre-requisites for every community college 200 level course to see if it qualifies as a non-introductory course and the pre-requisite.

The non-introductory credit requirement is confusing to students - some 200 level courses have pre-requisites and some do not. Students and Records Office must look up every 200 level course to determine whether it qualifies as a non-introductory course. For clarity the change of the 60 Non-Introductory credit requirement to 45 upper division credits is necessary.

Currently, the catalog defines Non-Introductory (NI) courses are from UH Manoa courses at the 300 level and above, or 200 level with an explicitly stated college-level course prerequisite (transfer credits are subject to evaluation).

After reviewing and extensive discussion CAPP recommends to adopt the new graduation requirement to be 45 upper division credits instead of the 60 Non - Introductory credits. CAPP also defines the 45 upper division to be clearly stated as -300 and 400 level course credits. It further states that the -UHM Undergraduate Catalog delete Non-Introductory credits and replace it with Upper division credits and define Upper division credits as 300 and 400 Level courses credits.