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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on December 8, 2010
32 in support; 22 against

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Major Requirements

Major Requirement Issue CAPP formed a sub-committee to review the major requirements across campus departments. The information in the UHM catalog versus the departmental major information sheets provided to the students are not always the same. Not all majors have the same credit requirements. It is understood for example, that professional schools have higher major requirements than those majors within liberal arts. Most professional school degrees are terminal followed by graduates entering the workforce. On the other hand, liberal arts majors would require 24 to 27 credits within their area of concentration. It is generally understood that liberal arts majors need to pursue post-bacalaurate degrees and/or training.

Based on discussions, CAPP at its November 10 th meeting unanimously voted on the following motion:

The University of Hawai`i at Mānoa prides itself on academic rigor and freedom. In recognition of the uniqueness of individual programs throughout the campus and our commitment to academic rigor, CAPP recommends that individual academic programs continue to exert autonomy over their major course requirements including credit hours and GPAs.

Concurrently, CAPP recommends that departments and programs mention reasons for high credit and GPA requirements in the UHM catalog to better communicate with students. CAPP also recommends a more uniform approach to the catalog compilation especially in degree requirement descriptions. The current inconsistency in catalog presentations of course requirements across departments and majors can inflate the perception of disparity.