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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on December 8, 2010
2 opposed

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Resolution to Approve a Doctoral Degree in Professional Educational Practice (ED)

WHEREAS the American Educational Research Association defines education research doctorate degrees as preparing students for careers as researchers and scholars in academic institutions, universities, research institutes and the like; AND

WHEREAS the American Education Research also defines educational practice doctorates as preparing students for leadership roles at all levels of education and policy or practice positions where utilization of research is an essential component of professional performance; AND

WHEREAS the new three-year EdD program will be a College of Education-wide program that will combine coursework, individual action research projects, group fieldwork projects dealing with problems of the practice leading to the development of educational leadership, stewardship of the profession, and knowledge in pursuit of educational change and renewal; AND

WHEREAS today’s educators work in an extremely complex world facing challenges of the 21st century such as improving student achievement, managing personnel, technological reforms, data driven decision making, diverse student population, maintaining public relations, education/school laws, finance, assessments; AND

WHEREAS the new EdD will strengthen the College of Education’s PhD program by providing those students who have no interest in careers as educational researchers an option of another advanced degree; AND

WHEREAS over-time, the new EdD program will gradually reduce the number of Ph.D candidates thus enabling to transfer resources to the new degree; AND

WHEREAS many local educators are seeking ways to advance their scholarly understanding of educational issues in order to further their professional knowledge, gain access to new professional opportunities in K-12 settings, and improve their understanding of educational practices that they can apply in their current positions; AND

WHEREAS the well planned degree in Professional Educational Practice (EdD) will enhance the education capital of the State by providing graduates who can assume leadership roles in the Hawai`i State Department of Education as 80 percent of the High School Principals will be eligible to retire within the next three years;


The Manoa Faculty Senate approves the Doctoral Degree in Professional Educational Practice (EdD)