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Senate Executive Committee Memorandum


VCAA Reorganization

June 23, 2011

To: Reed Dasenbrock, VCAA
From: Susan Hippensteele, Chair
Re: VCAA Reorganization

This memo follows my June 7, 2011 email communicating that SEC review of the above produced no objections to the April 6, 2011 Proposal to Reorganize the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Proposal). This memo is intended to clarify questions that emerged after our review.

Subsequent to the SEC review conducted in response to your June 6, 2011 reminder that the Senate deadline for review of this matter was May 21, 2011, a CAB member raised a question regarding a pending reorganization of the Study Abroad Center (SAC). Specifically, the CAB member wanted to know why the SAC reorganization was not included in the Proposal.

Discussion between CAB and SEC suggested ongoing confusion over the status of the pending SAC reorganization, including when questions regarding SAC reporting and fiscal responsibility had been resolved. One CAB member suggested that those issues had been resolved several months ago and that the Proposal was therefore incorrect since it did not include SAC, and questioned whether the omission of SAC reflected a change in position on your part regarding the pending reorganization of that office.

In an attempt to resolve this confusion I spoke with you and Dr. Sarita Rai directly about the questions raised. You both provided similar summaries of discussions to date and agree that Dr. Rai will initiate the paperwork to formalize reorganization of SAC. You also indicated that omission of SAC from the Proposal does not reflect a change in position on your part regarding the reorganization of SAC and that, in fact, the SAC reorganization has already been put to effect as of July 1, 2011 on an interim basis pending your receipt of the formal proposal.

Again, I apologise for the tardiness of our response to the Proposal. Questions raised subsequent to my June 7 communication to you did not change our position on the matter. We anticipate a prompt and efficient Senate review of a proposal to reorganize SAC once it is received.