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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate on December 7, 2011


Resolution on Retention of the Hawaii Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit at the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus

WHEREAS: the Hawaii Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit (herein referred to as the Coop Unit) located at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has been an integral and active resource for the Department of Biology (formerly Zoology), College of Natural Sciences and University of Hawaii system since 1966; AND

WHEREAS the Coop Unit is widely recognized as an international leader in fisheries and marine conservation research and continues to contribute scientific expertise to the UH, and to City, County, State, National and International agencies/foundations; AND

WHEREAS the Coop Unit has an excellent history of extramural research funding at UH Manoa, generating millions of dollars in recent years; AND

WHEREAS the Coop Unit has published hundreds of scientific publications in fisheries research ranging from global assessments of marine ecosystem health to virtually every aspect of fisheries and marine resource management in Hawaii, the Indo-Pacific, and Caribbean regions; AND

WHEREAS the Coop Unit has been highly successful in recruiting top-quality Master's and Doctoral graduate students to the Department of Biology, and has produced dozens of M.S. and Ph.D. graduates, many of whom are leaders in state and federal agencies throughout Hawaii and the US Pacific region, and has provided longstanding formal teaching of fisheries and coral reef science courses for both graduate and undergraduate life science majors; AND

WHEREAS the UH President desires to promote growth of the Coop Unit and cooperation amongst campuses of the UH system in building strength in fisheries by moving the Coop Unit’s administrative locus to UH Hilo; AND

WHEREAS a primary mission of the national Cooperative Research Units Program is enhancing graduate training in fisheries science; AND

WHEREAS UH Hilo does not award the PhD degree in life sciences, and thus cannot provide a doctoral program for the Coop Unit and attendant resources; AND

WHEREAS the study of fisheries science is a major part of the newly planned and multi-college Marine Biology Graduate program developing at UH Manoa, AND the loss of the Coop Unit would have a profound negative impact on this nascent program, AND

WHEREAS, keeping the Coop Unit at its current location at UH Manoa would best synergize mutually beneficial growth of the Coop Unit and the new Marine Biology Graduate Program and best promote the growth of fisheries science across the system; AND

WHEREAS there is a long-standing strength in fisheries and marine science at UH Manoa, which is a primary mission of Coop Units nationwide, which is quite distinct from the application of fisheries to aquaculture science, which is the main thrust at UH Hilo; AND

WHEREAS recent United States Geological Survey and Coop Unit dissatisfaction with inadequate administrative support from the College of Natural Sciences is now  resolvable by the new and permanent CNS Dean; AND

WHEREAS Manoa's Chancellor, VCRGE, or VCAA did not inform UHM Biology of the President's opening up the possibility for unit relocation until the President's decision had already been undertaken, despite repeated requests for advocacy and information by the department; AND

WHEREAS the decision by UH President to move the Unit to UH Hilo was made without faculty consultation and without prior discussion of the negative impacts to our teaching and research curricula despite repeated calls for action by the Department of Biology; AND

WHEREAS relocation of the Coop Unit to Hilo will serve to increase the difficulty of consultation with close colleagues in the National Marine Fisheries Offices and State Department of Aquatic Resources offices, as well as other government and non-government organizations which are located in Honolulu; AND

WHEREAS the USGS has confirmed that the campus location of the Hawai'i Coop Unit is at the discretion of the University President; AND

WHEREAS the faculty members of the Coop Unit must be in residence together on a single campus of the UH system, as the USGS does not permit placement of Coop Unit personnel across different campuses;

That the Manoa Faculty Senate urges that in order to strengthen fisheries research and education across the UH system the Unit should remain based within the Department of Biology at UH Manoa.