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Issue # 46
Approved by the Manoa Faculty Senate on February 15, 2012
57 in support; 1 against; 2 abstentions


Motion on Suspension of Academic Actions

Motion to accept the August 25, 2011 Report on Suspension of Academic Actions from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, which proposes to make permanent changes, including the following changes:

1. No academic action shall be taken until a student has attempted 24 credit hours.
2. Suspension and dismissal actions for all students will only be taken after spring semester. Academic probation may be instated for any student with 24 UHM credit hours, regardless of semester.
3. All students who have or would have had an academic action taken will be directed to see their academic adviser immediately and a “hold” will be placed on their registration until that meeting has occurred. The college advising office will work proactively with the student over the course of the semester to help improve academic performance.
4. All retention and continuation data will be collected from colleges and units at the end of spring semester to assess the effectiveness of their intervention strategies.

The UHM Senate stresses the importance of intervention strategies and advising as critical elements of these changes.