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Issue # 61
Approved by the Manoa Faculty Senate on February 15, 2012
52 in support; 2 against; 4 abstentions


Resolution Approving the Proposed Certificate in Reading K-12

Whereas, there is currently a nationwide effort to improve the preparation of PK-14 teachers in the area of reading, and federal programs, such as Reading First, require states to engage in professional development in this field; and

Whereas, the Hawai`i DOE’s recent document Literacy for Learning Initiative calls for schools to hire literacy coordinators or coaches, who in turn need special training; and

Whereas, the provision of a specialized certificate in literacy is expected to attract teachers eager to upgrade their credentials who may not have the time or inclination to pursue an entire advanced degree in education; and

Whereas, the proposed Reading, K-12 Certificate consists of five required existing 3-credit courses, thus imposing no additional cost on the College of Education;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Manoa Faculty Senate approves the creation of a Graduate Certificate in Reading, K-12, in the College of Education, University of Hawai`i at Manoa.