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Issue # 63
Approved by the Manoa Faculty Senate on February 15, 2012
47 in support; 2 against; 4 abstentions


Resolution Approving the Proposed Graduate Program in Marine Biology

Whereas, there is an established demand for graduate training in marine biology based on the number of students requesting admission to the present marine biology specialization within existing programs (ca. 100 per year); and

Whereas, the coastal and oceanic waters surrounding the Hawaiian archipelago are a natural laboratory for the study of a variety of marine ecosystems, marine biogeochemical processes, reef and oceanic fisheries, and human/marine interactions; and

Whereas, the University of Hawaii at Manoa has both appropriate facilities and faculty expertise to excel in such a program; and

Whereas, there are numerous employment opportunities for individuals trained in marine biology to fill positions in Hawaii, nationally and internationally in science, management, policy, education and biotechnology; and

Whereas, a graduate program in Marine Biology will support the needs and interests of existing and potential graduate students;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Manoa Faculty Senate approves the creation of a Marine Biology Graduate Program, involving both a Masters and a doctoral degree, at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.