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Testimony submitted for the May 23 Board of Regent's Public Hearing regarding Parking at UH Manoa

Approved by the Senate Executive Committee on May 7, 2012
5 in support; 0 against


Resolution Requesting Modification to the FY 2013-2017 Proposed Parking Rate Schedule

Whereas “UH Manoa views itself as having a fiduciary responsibility to expand access to education,” and

Whereas faculty parking on campus is important to allow faculty to carry out their teaching responsibilities and to be accessible to students, and

Whereas this issue is thus within the purview of the Manoa Faculty Senate and requires consultation with the Senate, and

Whereas the Parking and Transportation Office at UH Manoa is requesting fee increases, arguing the need “to keep up with important repair and maintenance projects,” and

Whereas the Parking Office also argues that increasing rates will provide an incentive not to park on campus, especially upper campus, (specifically, consultant Nelson/Nygaard January 2012 Campus Transportation Demand Management Plan recommends:

“AP4: Restructure the current parking fee proposal: Since a large portion of the parking market is unaffected by price modification, the University should further increase the permit pricing proposal to reflect market conditions.”

“AP6: Limit parking supply in Upper Campus surface lots: UH Manoa could further induce mode shift, on top of mode shift seen from the parking permit rate increase, by constraining parking supply in the Upper Campus lots. This could be coupled with more substantial permit rate increases as demand for parking is very high in these lots (near 100% utilization at all times during working hours”), and

Whereas the Parking Office has proposed increasing parking rates for FY 2013, for students by 10%, for faculty and staff by 25% for lower campus, and for faculty and staff by 30% for upper campus, in accordance with the consultant’s recommendations about reducing upper campus parking, and

Whereas parking fees for FY 2010 were raised by 25% for upper campus and 15% for lower campus, and raised for FY 2011 by 10% for both upper and lower campus, and

Whereas the Public Hearing on the parking fee increases and change of authority over parking fees from Board of Regents to the Manoa Chancellor’s Office has been set for May 23, a time after the close of the semester, when most faculty are not on duty and thus will not be on campus, and

Whereas information sufficient for the Faculty to address the issues on this matter was not made available by the administration and parking office until April 27 and April 30, and

Whereas the money proposed for the alternative transportation plan would go almost entirely to TheBus ($420K), rather than to the repairs and maintenance the Parking Office says are urgent, and

Whereas sufficient careful research has not been done to determine whether faculty and staff would in fact use free bus passes and reduce parking to the degree that the proposed $420K expenditure represents, and

Whereas this additional expenditure for bus passes is proposed to fall entirely on those who park on campus, while the benefits would go to all faculty and staff who request free passes,

Therefore be it resolved that the Manoa Faculty Senate strongly recommends to the Board of Regents and the Manoa Chancellor’s Office that the percentage increases in parking fees be the same for all categories of parking and across all categories of those purchasing parking, thus 10% for FY 2013, thus not setting up artificial divisions between faculty, staff and student parking, and

Be it further resolved, that the Manoa Faculty Senate strongly recommends to the Board of Regents and the Manoa Chancellor’s Office that the alternative bus transportation part of the proposed increases be suspended or postponed until further study, including a survey of faculty and staff interest in and probable use of such passes, can be accomplished, and

Be it further resolved, that the Manoa Faculty Senate requests that this recommendation be submitted by the Senate Executive Committee on behalf of the Senate, to the Board of Regents as Senate testimony prior to the public hearing to be held May 23, 2012.