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Issue #6.13
Approved by the Manoa Faculty Senate on 3/20/2013
37:3 in favor

[Pdf] (Transmittal)

Resolution on Diversity

Whereas the diversity of Manoa's faculty is one of our most valuable assets;

Whereas this diversity is not limited to race, gender and ethnicity, but may also include such variables as cultural experience, professional expertise, pedagogical approaches, and other elements that can demonstrate the University’s commitment to inclusivity, and;

Whereas the diversity of a faculty may afford equitable student access to academic disciplines and professional programs;

Therefore be it resolved

That the Manoa Faculty Senate supports diversity as a core organizational value and;

That while a candidate’s anticipated contribution to an academic unit’s overall diversity should count as a plus in the hiring process, all faculty must, in the end, be judged on individual merit relative to academic criteria.