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Approved by the Mānoa Faculty Senate
53 in support: 9 opposed

ISSUE #26.14

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Resolution Recommending Rejection of the College of Social Sciences Reorganization

Whereas, The proposed reorganization of the College of Social Sciences (CSS) mixes two different and separable proposals for an Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) and a Global Studies Center (GSC), and

Whereas, The CSS reorganization for OSAS and GSC is advertised as “no additional funds are required” or “cost neutral,” yet e.g. in the OSAS section it states “However, additional funds will be required to fund an IT Specialist, Assistant Specialist in Hawaiian Advancement and additional advisors, clerical support and graduate assistants,” at an additional cost of $461,000, and

Whereas, No justification is given for the proposed OSAS IT Specialist, Assistant Specialist in Hawaiian Advancement and additional advisors and support staff, which is only a partial list of positions required, and

Whereas, Appropriations were requested by the CSS for $500K as part of the Governor’s Message 241(GM241) package for the GSC, a proposed new academic department within the Dean’s Office  with future plans for  BA and MA programs in Global Studies, but it did not receive funding, and

Whereas, No indication is given as to where additional funding and positions will come from for both OSAS and GSC, and 

Whereas, Internal allocations to fund these new initiatives may result in further delaying hires for tenure track faculty and/or APT positions that were left vacant by retirements, deaths and resignations, which is already of major concern within the CSS, and therefore the economic viability of the proposal is questioned, and

Whereas, Reducing or eliminating faculty replacements will impact course offerings required for fulfilling degree requirements on a timely schedule unless funding from sources external to the College are secured, and furthermore that reduced instructional resources will ultimately affect student graduation rates and negatively impact the Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative, a UH system-wide strategic initiative that focuses on increasing the number of educated citizens within the State, and

Whereas, “Center” designation requested for GSC should follow the “Center” approval process, per Executive Policy E5.215-Establishment and Review of Centers, which is governed by the Board of Regents, and
Whereas, An academic program should not be located directly in the Dean’s office (and there is no clarity in the proposal between the administrative and academic parts of the GSC), and

Whereas, The GSC appears to duplicate some of the functions found in the Study Abroad Center, School of Pacific and Asian Studies (especially its MA in Pacific Asian Studies Program), and potentially more, and

Whereas, The Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CAS) have eliminated the global perspective breadth and depth requirement as a whole, the College continues to investigate how to encourage study abroad for all CSS students (approx. 1700 undergraduates) as part of each student’s path of study, and

Whereas, The SEC appointed Advisory Council should be consulted since official University sponsored study abroad programs are not permitted outside of UHM Study Abroad Center oversight/purview (details at http://www.studyabroad.org/about/principles/) and furthermore, study abroad liability issues must be addressed per CAPP report by Dr. Sarita Rai to UHM SEC Chair David Ross, dated 12-14-10, re “Report on Risk Management Sponsored International Study, Research and Training Involving UHM Students, Faculty and Staff” and Executive Policy E8.207 to limit University liability, and

Whereas, The reorganization proposal was not brought to the Social Sciences Chairs and Directors meeting for discussion and full consultation including programmatic and budgetary impacts to the existing CSS departments, and
Whereas, The larger picture of the reorganization of Arts and Sciences Advising, with two (2) advisors each going to the College of Social Sciences and the College of Natural Sciences, should be addressed at the same time as the OSAS, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Manoa Faculty Senate strongly recommends to the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellors for Academic Affairs and for Administration, Finance and Operations that the proposed reorganization of the College of Social Sciences be rejected and that the College of Social Sciences be asked to prepare two separate and new proposals addressing all the above concerns to be reviewed by the Senate Executive Committee to ensure that the concerns have been met.