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Resolution Relating to Change of Grading System to Allow Plus and Minus Grades
Resolution Adopted May 2007

Supplemental Documents

  1. Minutes of Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting (May.2002)
  2. Interim Vice Chancellor Karl Kim Memo (Feb.2004)

Current Proposed
A=4.0 A+=4.0 B+=3.3 C+=2.3 D+=1.3
B=3.0 A=4.0 B=3.0 C=2.0 D=1.0
C=2.0 A-=3.7 B-+2.7 C-=1.7 D-=0.7
F=0.0 F=0.0

WHEREAS many University of Hawai'i at Manoa faculty find the experience of assigning final grades frustrating with the limited grade options available (5); and

WHEREAS a plus/minus grading system would allow faculty more freedom (13 options from A + to F with no F+ grade, as in the accompanying table with numeric equivalents) to pick the most appropriate grade and avoid lumping students into one letter grade who have performed at different levels; and

WHEREAS a plus/minus grading system has been proposed in a petition signed by over three hundred University of Hawai'i at Manoa faculty; and

WHEREAS in a recent survey conducted by the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Planning and Policy such a grading system was favored by the majority of faculty; and

WHEREAS plus/minus grades are used at most of the top-ranked universities in the country; and

WHEREAS a plus/minus grading system has been in use at our sister institution, UH Hilo, is working well, and is supported by most faculty for its added flexibility; and

WHEREAS, the academic standards for graduation (e.g., minimum GPA of2.0), scholarships, and other grade policies would remain unchanged; and

WHEREAS, the new Banner student information system (818) will allow for plus/minus grades to be assigned and this system is in the development phase, now is an advantageous time to make any changes in the University of Hawai'i at Manoa grading system; and

WHEREAS faculty may continue to assign only whole letter grades; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends that our grading system be changed to include the assignment of plus/minus grades for coursework at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, which will be implemented as of the Fall, 2003, semester.

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