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Whereas HECO has submitted a Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement and filed an application for a Conservation District Use Permit, allowing it to build an overhead line on 100 to 120 foot tall steel poles through the UH campus and on top of Waahila Ridge; and,

Whereas this project will have significant long-term impacts on the University of Hawaii and the surrounding community; and,

Whereas Waahila Ridge is recognized as an important natural and cultural asset to the University; and,

Whereas several University organizations are on record as being opposed to this project; and,

Whereas this project will be disruptive to teaching, research and other educational activities carried out by the University of Hawaii,

Be it resolved that:

The Manoa Faculty Senate expresses its strong opposition to this project and encourages the University Administration and facility planners to work with HECO in the development of alternative plans. Furthermore, copies of this resolution shall be sent to the Governor, Mayor, Department of Land and Natural Resources, UH Administration, Office of Environmental Quality Control, Legislature and the City Council.

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