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RESOLUTION 3A: The Proposal to Reform the UH Manoa General Education Requirements

Whereas many students, alumni and faculty have expressed concerns about the current UHM General Education requirements; and

Whereas the Senate appointed a Taskforce to examine these concerns and to formulate proposed reforms to the current requirements; and

Whereas the Taskforce has devoted more than one year to examining the issues, developing proposals, and obtaining feedback through open forums with faculty and students; and

Whereas the proposal presented by the Taskforce aims a. to assure that students have a broad exposure to education across domains of knowledge; b. to enable students to acquire foundational skills in their freshman year; c. to provide an educational experience that takes advantage of the full four-year undergraduate curriculum at UH-Manoa; d. to ensure that all students have basic knowledge of the Asian-Pacific context of Hawai'i; e. to offer students a coherent educational experience by providing for flexibility in fulfilling requirements; and f. to reduce requirements to be in line with comparable institutions;' and

Whereas, although there is a minority recommendation represented by alternative B, the majority of the Taskforce supports the language of alternative A for the Foundations requirement in Global and Multi Cultural Perspectives which reads as follows.

Global and Multi Cultural Perspectives courses provide thematic treatments of global processes and cross cultural interactions from a variety of perspectives. Students will gain a sense of human development from pre-history to modern times through consideration of narratives and artifacts of and from diverse cultures. At least one component of each of these courses will focus on the indigenous cultures of Hawai'i, the Pacific and Asia;

Therefore be it resolved that, under the assumption that UH Manoa will continue to have campus wide General Education Requirements, the Proposal to Reform the UH Manoa General Education Requirements presented to the UHM Faculty Senate November 17, 1999 incorporating the language of alternative A for the requirement in Global and Multi Cultural Perspectives, be adopted as a statement of the new UHM requirements, to be implemented for the Fall 2001 Freshman class.

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Manoa Faculty Senate 1630 Bachman Place, BA 9-E . Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822 Telephone: (308) 956-7725 . Facsimile: (308) 956-9813

January 12, 2000

Kenneth P. Mortimer President, University of Hawai'i and Chancellor, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Dear President Mortimer:

On December 9, 1999 we forwarded to you and to the Board of Regents resolutions which had been passed by the Manoa Faculty Senate pertaining to Manoa's General Education Requirements and to its Hawaiian/second language graduation requirement. Whereas the SEC is in receipt of a petition requesting that the latter resolution be referred to congress for a vote, the resolution on General Education Requirements has not been challenged.

The resolution concerning general education includes an implementation date of Fall 2001. Given the effort it has taken to get this far and the momentum now generated, faculty expect this time frame for implementation. For this to be possible, however, there would have to be Board of Regents approval by the end of this academic year. We therefore ask that there be no delay in moving forward on this matter. As we have discussed, the Manoa General Education curriculum is something for which the Manoa Faculty Senate has primary responsibility. This being the case it would. seem appropriate that faculty who have been involved in formulating the revised policy should present the case to the Regents.

Mary Tiles Chair, Manoa Faculty Senate

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