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WHEREAS the University of Hawaii is a system of higher education uniting ten campuses on four islands under a single Board of Regents; and

WHEREAS those ten campuses comprise seven community colleges, one two-year upper-division college, one four-year college, and on research university called the University of Hawaii at Manoa; and

WHEREAS every administrative effort has been made to ensure that the educational standards of all ten campuses are sufficiently high and sufficiently similar to permit the creation of a "seamless web" in which more than 2,000 courses articulate freely among all ten campuses, and in which, in addition, the Associate of Arts degrees granted by all seven of the community colleges are deemed by executive policy E5.209 to satisfy the core requirements at Manoa, both in terms of quality and of content; and .

WHEREAS the undergraduate tuition rates at Manoa are by far the highest in the University of Hawaii system, being three times the community college rate, twice the lower-division rate at Hilo, and more than 35 percent higher than the upper-division rates at both Hilo and West Oahu; and

WHEREAS the higher undergraduate tuition rate at Manoa does not presently derive from a correspondingly large and demonstrable difference in the cost of offering undergraduate courses and programs within the University of Hawaii system;

THEREFORE be it resolved that the Manoa Faculty Senate opposes any change in tuition rates that increases the dollar differential between the tuition rates charged at Manoa and those charged for similar courses and programs at other University of Hawaii campuses.

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