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WHEREAS the University of Hawai'i at Manoa is both a research I and a land-grant university, established to provide higher education opportunities for Hawaii's; citizens, and

WHEREAS the admission of first-time, first-year students is critical in maintaining the undergraduate enrollment targets outlined in the UH Manoa Strategic Plan, and

WHEREAS the demographic decline of high school aged students in. Hawai'i, coupled with aggressive recruiting by other college and universities, has resulted in increased competition for students, and .

WHEREAS years of continuing budget cuts have created doubts among Hawaii's families about the quality of education at Manoa, and

WHEREAS the Admissions and Records Office has sought to increase Manoa's' enrollment and enhance the diversity of its student body by aggressively recruiting out of state students, and

WHEREAS, historically, out of state admission requirements have been arbitrarily set higher than those for Hawai'i residents, and

WHEREAS there is no apparent reason for maintaining higher out of state admission requirements, especially during a period of low-enrollments, and

WHEREAS as a matter of educational policy, there is no reason to hold nonresident applicants to a higher admission standard than residents, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate concurs with the recommendations of the Admissions Office that the use of existing nonresident admission criteria (e.g., .5 increase in minimum high school grade point average and 50 point increase in SAT I scores and equivalent ACT scores) be suspended until such time as it is determined that this action is academically detrimental to the campus or that the number of enrolled nonresidents is an impediment to the enrollment of qualified Hawai'i students.

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