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WHEREAS the number of "home schooled" children is increasing, but not yet in Hawai'i to the same extent as on the mainland, and

WHEREAS the Admissions Office has no current home schooled applicants but is receiving an increasing number of inquiries about the admission of home schooled students, and

WHEREAS Federal guidelines require that admission requirements for "home schooled" students must be equivalent to those for graduates from regular high schools, and

WHEREAS freshman admission requirements at Manoa involve an assessment of a student's likelihood of success as measured by secondary school coursework, secondary school grades, performance on a nationally normed college admissions test, and recommendations, and

WHEREAS home schooled students may lack some or all of these elements, or such as do exist may have 'been created by parents, and

WHEREAS the American College Test (ACT) is an achievement test whose items are developed from a national sampling of secondary school curricula and which is considered a reliable measure of secondary school achievement, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate concurs with the recommendation of the Admissions Office to adopt the attached freshman admission requirements for "home schooled" students, which are equivalent to requirements for freshman applicants graduating from public and independent high schools.

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