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Communicate with the Senate


Whereas the University of Hawai'i at Manoa (UHM) General Education Requirements (Core and Graduation) have been approved for all new first-year, first-time students as of Fall, 2001;

Whereas continuing undergraduates may also opt for the new Core and Graduation requirements;

Whereas the UHM Faculty Senate has established that a standing committee called the "General Education Committee" (GEC) along with associated "Foundation" and "Focus" Boards, will be the governing body that oversees the approval, promulgation, and assessment of courses fulfilling the Core and Graduation requirements;

Whereas the composition and governance procedures of the GEC and Boards have yet to be finalized;

Whereas there is a need now to identify courses that will likely fulfill the Core and Graduation requirements, for the purpose of advising new and continuing students (including applicants for admission to Manoa); and

Whereas the attached document lists courses that are approved as fulfilling requirements of the current General Education Core, and identifies them in comparable areas of the 2001 Core;

Therefore, be it resolved that:

1) the UHM Faculty Senate approves a) the attached list of courses for the UHM General Education Requirements for Fall, 2001, and b) all courses from the UH system currently articulated to course areas in this list, pending further elaboration and approval of such courses by the General Education Committee;

2) the Senate Executive Committee make this list of approved courses and requirements available to the following relevant parties: all UHM program and department chairs, appropriate advising bodies at Manoa and throughout the UH system, and appropriate advising personnel in the Hawai'i Department of Education;

3) this list will remain in effect until the new GEC and its associated Boards approve a revised list of courses.

2001 UHM General Education Requirements: Current Approved Courses and Core Areas
Foundations requirement: (minimum 12 credits)
Written communication (3 credits) Eng 100 or 101/101L, ELI 100 Written communication (WR)
Symbolic reasoning (3 credits) AREC 210, 310, Honors 120 Math100,lll,140,203,215,241,251 Philosophy 110 Mathematical or Logical Thinking (M/L)
Global & Multicultural Perspectives (6 credits) Hist 151 & 152, or Hist 161 & 162, or Hist 155 World Civilizations (W/C)
Diversification requirement: (minimum 19 credits) For courses, see the.current "Area Requirements" in the UHM General Catalog; pp. 26-27
Arts, Humanities and literatures (6 credits from 2 different departments Arts and Humanities (AH) See courses in catalog, p. 26 in areas not represented by Foundations Global perspectives courses taken)
Social Sciences (6 credits from 2 different departments) Social Sciences (55) See courses in catalog, p. 27
Natural Sciences (7 credits; 3 physical, 3 biological, + 1 lab) Natural Sciences (NS) See courses in catalog, p. 26
Focus requirements To be determined F 2001
Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific issues (HAP) (1 course) Courses not yet determined; must be 3 credits or more
Contemporary ethical issues (ETH) (1 course)
Oral communication (OC) (1 course)
Writing intensive (WI) 5 courses, incl. 2 at 300+
Hawaiian/ Second Language Requirement competence at 202 level (16 credits or equiv.) (FL) All languages up to 300 level, competence assessment to be determined by language departments

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