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Whereas the University of Hawai'i at Manoa (UHM) General Education Requirements (Core and Graduation) have been approved for all new first-year, first-time students as of Fall, 2001;

Whereas the UHM Faculty Senate has established that a standing committee called the "General Education Committee", (GEC) along with associated "Foundation" and "Focus" Boards, will be the governing body that oversees the approval, promulgation, and assessment of courses fulfilling the Core and Graduation requirements;

Whereas a resolution on approval of courses and requirements on a provisional basis was approved by the Faculty Senate on October 18, 2000;

Whereas a General Education Committee and its associated Boards need to be formed as soon as possible, in order to initiate the process of specifying hallmarks and other criteria for Foundation, Focus, Diversification, and Wild Card courses, and for action on the Hawaiian/Foreign language learning requirement;

Therefore, be it resolved that:

1) the attached document, Faculty Governance of University of Hawai'i at Manoa General Education, which specifies the structure and functioning of the General Education Committee, the Foundations Board, and the four Focus' Boards (Contemporary Ethical Issues, Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific, Oral Communication, and Writing Intensive), be approved as the formal codification for governance of General Education;

2) the supplement to this document, Appendix A, be approved as the recommended procedures for i) the evaluation and assessment of General Education by the GEC and its related Boards, and ii) the approval and review of courses fitting the hallmarks and other criteria of components of General Education;

3) the Senate Executive Committee make these documents available to the following relevant parties: the UHM administration, all UHM program and department chairs, and all appropriate administrative or advising personnel in the University system; and

4) the SEC instruct the Committees on Administration and Budget and Faculty Service to review the governance document and initiate appropriate actions in order to implement the formation of the GEC and its related Boards. This includes a review of needed resources and administrative support for the operations of the GEC and its related Boards.

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